Braces vs Invisalign – Which is Right for You?

Are you considering getting orthodontic treatment? When choosing an orthodontic treatment, there are many things to consider, such as age, the state of your current teeth, budget, and appearance while undergoing treatment. At Grafton Orthodontics, we help our clients find a treatment that will make them feel confident and happy. Learn more about the orthodontic treatments we offer below.


More often than not, we see kids and teens getting braces instead of Invisalign. However, this isn’t to say that adults shouldn’t consider braces! Braces are better for those with very crooked teeth as they have more force to move teeth into the correct position. Plus, they can achieve a better end result than Invisalign!


Invisalign comes with a set of clear aligners customized to each individual’s teeth structure. Over time, the aligners shift teeth into position, allowing for a straighter smile! Invisalign is typically the more popular option for adults who care about their appearance and don’t want to deal with bulky metal braces. Plus, Invisalign tends to be a faster treatment than braces! However, these aligners take self-discipline as you have to wear them all day, every day (except for eating and brushing) for them to shift teeth. 

If you’re unsure which orthodontic treatment is right for you, set up a consultation with Dr. Amanda Olejniczak at Grafton Orthodontics. Together, we will find a treatment that suits your needs and smile goals. Call 262.377.8950 to schedule today.