FAQs About Children and the Orthodontist

As a parent, we know you have many questions about bringing your child to the orthodontist. When is the best age to bring them? Is there such a thing as getting braces too young? Will they need braces again in the future? These are all questions we will answer right here in this blog!

Why should young kids go to the ortho if their mouth isn’t fully developed yet?

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually better if a child’s jawbone isn’t fully developed yet. This makes it easier to shift teeth and reduces the likelihood of teeth shifting back into their original positions years later. A jawbone in this state also makes it easier to correct bite issues.

If my child gets braces too young, will they need them again in the future?

After your child’s orthodontic treatment is done, it is important to continue proper care for years to follow. This is not only the case with children but also with adults. Proper care includes wearing your retainer as often as your orthodontist recommends and coming back in if your teeth ever start to shift. Following your orthodontist’s instructions will prevent the chance of revision.

What age is best for children to get orthodontic treatment?

While a child can typically get braces at any time after eight years old, we recommend they receive treatment between the ages of 9 and 14. At this age, a child will have all of their permanent teeth, an important factor in making braces as effective as possible. However, this isn’t to say your child shouldn’t come in for an evaluation earlier than that. A child can come in for an initial evaluation as early as seven years old. Coming in at a young age will make it easier for an Orthodontist to build a plan for your child’s mouth.

The best way to determine if your child needs orthodontic care is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Amanda Olejniczak at Grafton Orthodontics. We want to create a plan that fits your needs, budget, and goals. To learn more, call 262.377.8950.