The Health Benefits of Straighter Teeth

We all know that straight teeth allow confidence to skyrocket. But do straight teeth do more than just look good? The answer: YES! Straight teeth have many health benefits including decreasing the chances of tooth breaks, cracks, and chips! So, what else can straight teeth do for you? Keep reading to learn more.

health benefits of straighter teeth

Easier to keep teeth clean and healthy

When your teeth are straight, it is easier to brush and floss, resulting in cleaner and healthier teeth. Teeth that are crooked or widely spaced out increase the risk of inflamed gums which can lead to periodontal diseases. Crooked teeth also make it harder to clean in between crevices which can result in cavities as well. 

Improves digestion

Believe it or not, straight teeth are actually linked to better digestion. Straight teeth are better at chewing than misaligned teeth, and chewing is the start of the digestion process. Chewing food through enough is essential to an easy digestion process. Food that isn’t chewed enough slows down digestion making the stomach and intestines work harder than needed. 

Lowers head and neck pain

Did you know misaligned teeth directly correlate to jaw misalignment? When you have a misaligned jaw, it puts more pressure on your neck and face, resulting in headaches and other pains. With straight teeth, you eliminate this issue as your temporomandibular joints are able to move smoother and easier. 

Straight teeth don’t just look pretty; they can help you to speak clearer and chew better. If you think you’re ready for your first orthodontist visit, come to Grafton Orthodontics. Receive a complimentary consultation with full X-Rays, a detailed treatment plan, and a meeting with Dr. Amanda. To schedule, call 262.377.8950.