What You Need To Know About Kids and Braces

Braces can be a scary thing for a kid. They may fear what they will look like with them on, or that it will hurt. It is important to inform your child of the process of getting braces to calm their nerves and ease their fears. Talk to them about what to expect, and what they are feeling. To prep yourself for that talk, take a look at this information about kids and braces.

When to bring your child to the orthodontist

Kids go to the orthodontist for the first time at all different ages. We recommend taking them for their first visit around the age of 7. Most orthodontic treatment starts around the age of 9-14. Starting treatment at this age is recommended because most baby teeth have fallen out at this point. 

How to know if your child needs braces

Kids may need braces for any number of reasons. Whether it’s an overbite, underbite, crowding, or crooked teeth, kids can benefit greatly from braces. If your child sucks his/her thumb after the age of 7, braces can help to correct this bad habit before it creates severe jaw and tooth alignment issues. 

Straight teeth don’t just look pretty; they can help a child speak clearer and chew better. If you think your child is ready for their first orthodontist visit, come to Grafton Orthodontics. Receive a complimentary consultation with full X-Rays, a detailed treatment plan, and a meeting with Dr. Amanda. To schedule, call 262.377.8950.