Whitening Your Teeth: Good or Bad?

It’s hard not to want to whiten your teeth when every celebrity you see has pearly whites. Toothpaste brands and other companies explain what we can do to prevent staining, but how can we trust these methods are safe to use? We’ve all heard the rumor that whitening your teeth is unhealthy, but is this a fact or a myth? Let’s dive in a little deeper and take a look at the facts.

Grafton professional teeth whitening

Home remedies are not safe.

While it’s been proven that whitening your teeth is not unsafe, it still has to be done correctly to protect the enamel on your teeth. This means it’s time to say goodbye to any whitening strips and other drugstore methods that contain chlorine dioxide. This chemical is used to disinfect swimming pools, and it’s the last thing you’ll want on your teeth. It can potentially ruin the enamel on your teeth, a protective layer that cannot be restored. Whitening methods that don’t contain this chemical are much better for your teeth, but difficult to find.

Professional whitening services are the way to go!

Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can remove stains from your teeth in a safe and easy way. For the most effective and reliable method, talk to your dentist about whitening treatments. Receiving a professional, in-office whitening treatment from your dentist is the best way to protect the condition of your teeth. These procedures are highly effective and will keep your teeth in tip-top shape! Reach out to your dentist to learn more about treatment options.

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