Why It’s Important To Wear Your Retainer

Braces are a common way to straighten teeth, but it comes at a cost. Depending on how bad your teeth already are, braces can be expensive and timely. So many people choose to get braces in hopes of a straighter smile. So why do so many people not wear their retainers after getting all that work done? Here are two reasons why it is so important to wear your retainers after receiving orthodontic treatment.

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why it's important to wear your retainer

Wearing your retainer will prevent your teeth from shifting.

Gums have a kind of “memory” and can remember where your teeth used to be located. Therefore, when you don’t wear your retainer the recommended amount, your teeth will shift back to their old places. This would be a waste of the time and money you invested in braces! But don’t worry! As time goes on, you will be able to wear your retainer less and less as your teeth start to “remember” their new spots.

Not wearing your retainer for too long can cause damage to gum tissue when you try to wear it again.

If you go a few weeks, months, or even a year without wearing your retainer, your teeth have likely shifted significantly. Now the time has come for you to wear that retainer again, and you realize it doesn’t fit as well anymore. Unfortunately, so many people try to shove their old retainer on without realizing the consequences of doing so. Wearing a retainer that doesn’t fit properly can damage the gum tissue! If your retainer doesn’t fit anymore, contact your orthodontist to get a new one made.

Retainers are not one-size-fits-all. If your teeth have shifted back after receiving orthodontic treatment, it’s time to consult your orthodontist. At Grafton Orthodontics, we will help you get back the straight smile you’ve longed for. Call 262.377.8950 to schedule an appointment today!