What To Expect When You Visit Grafton Orthodontics

Here at Grafton Orthodontics, we understand that a trip to the orthodontist can be a bit daunting, especially if it’s your first time. But there’s no need to worry! We hope to make your visit as comfortable and convenient as possible. In this blog post, we’ll give you a brief overview of what you can expect when you come in for a consultation or appointment.

what to expect during a visit to our Grafton orthodontist office


If you’re coming in for a consultation, the first thing you can expect is a warm welcome from our receptionist. They will check you in and confirm your insurance information. Once you’re settled in the waiting room, Dr. Amanda will greet you and escort you back to an exam room. 

During the consultation, they will thoroughly examine your mouth and teeth in order to determine the best orthodontic treatment plan for your individual needs. They will also answer any questions you may have about the treatment process. Once the consultation is complete, our team will work with you to schedule your next appointment. 


If you have an appointment, the check-in process will be the same as it is for consultations. Our receptionist will welcome you and get you settled in the waiting room. Dr. Amanda will then greet you and take you back for your appointment. 

Depending on what type of appointment you have scheduled, treatment could involve getting fitted for braces or removing them altogether. We understand that some patients may feel nervous about treatment, but our team will do everything they can to ensure that you’re comfortable throughout the entire process. 

We hope that this blog post has helped give you a better understanding of what to expect during your visit to Grafton Orthodontics. Our number one goal is always to provide our patients with high-quality care in a comfortable and friendly environment. If you have any additional questions or would like to schedule a consultation or appointment, please call 262.377.8950!